Wednesday, January 30, 2013

M-O-O-N spells Captain Trips ("Laws, yes!")

No new post today, party people.  I appear to staging my own live-action version of "Outbreak" over here...*

*only, you know, with less monkeys and more pansy-ass whining

Due to my high fever, and the fact that I'm hopped-up on a cocktail of antibiotics and DayQuil, I fear that anything I attempt to write will come out sounding like: "Me lyk rioting.  WurDs R gUd.". Going to crawl back into bed.  Stay well.



AC said...

I've been lucky enough to not get the plague that's going around here in MN, but I feel for you. Tons of people are just down and out for the count. Take it easy, glad you got drugs!!

TheChickIsRight said...

Hope you feel better soon. :-)

Jennifer Clark said...

The stomach flu is running thru my family like wildfire, plus all my FB peeps are dropping like flies!

You, of course, are the sickest. You win!

Feel better soon, girlie!

Gia said...

Eeek! Feel better!

Erica B said...

Feel better!!

Laura said...

a little something to make you feel better

Valerie said...

Feel better!! Remember, if you don't get better, the terrorists win.



Nadine Nell said...

Feel better, also I want to be bff's now based solely upon The Stand reference.