Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Portlandia...Er, Washingtonia Mom?

First of all, let me apologize for being all angsty "Gone Girl" and going the full J.D. Salinger on y'all.

I have to say, I've kinda enjoyed the hiatus.  Not that I don't miss writing, I DO!  But it's been rather cathartic to be a lazy motherfucker for the last six months; with my biggest "deadline" being finishing my NetFlix queue of "Orange Is The New Black" before season three kicks off.  But now, it's time to reenter the land of the living from my toasty newlywed cocoon of love and lust and all the rest of that sappy Nicholas Sparks crap.*

*By the way, Norm is the raddest husband in...EVER!  He shares my sense of humor (God help us all), encourages my shenanigans, and feels that lemon meringue pie and M&M's are totally acceptable breakfast entrees.  I love him mad hard.

My next few weeks of posts are going to be a rather erratic montage of marital bliss and "WTF!?!?" as within the next 12 days my family is moving from bustling Portland, Oregon, to a coastal town in Washington with a population of less than 2,000 people (and no Starbucks.  I shit you not.)  As such, I will be transitioning from a life in academia and the non-profit sector to being a full-time homeschooling, organic gardening mom.*

*I swear this is true.  And no. . .I haven't been drinking.

Sooooo, buckle up, y'all.  We're packing up the clan and we're leaving Beverlyyyyyyy...*

*Hills, that is.

This oughta be good.  :-)



makemineachardonnay said...

YAY!! IT'S YOU! Your future career sounds great. I got transplanted into South Carolina from Washington, what town are you moving to? Sounds like heaven!

Stacey M said...

Wooohoooo!! You are back! Can't wait for the shenanigans to start!

Rachael said...

ohhh, further and further north eh? Next stop BC?

Jen said...

We're moving to a little town on the Olympic Peninsula; right SMACK on the beach!

And, no, Rachael... We can't move to BC. If my Canuck husband moves back, he loses his green card, and his job and his kiddos are all in the US of A. :-)

mothers little hleper said...

You're back!! Can't wait for the shenanigans!

-Vince said...

WooHoo! I wanna welcome my favorite interweb personality back to life, back to reality!

You're welcome for the earworm

Jen said...

Back to life, back to the present time
Back from a fantasy, yes
Tell me, now, take the initiative
I'll leave it in your hands until you're ready...

((Sigh!)) DAMN IT, VINCE!!!

Tiffany Turner said...

You're going to love homeschooling... mostly. They're messier when they're home all the time. But it's a great blessing. Your new house is to die for!!!